Learn-By-Doing Seminar For Runners...
Proven Functional Movement Strategies To Perform On Your Terms!
Seminar Starts In:
What: Strength Training 101 for Runners
When: Sunday, May 6th at 11am
Where: Optimum 650 in Brentwood, TN (Click here for directions)
Cost: $15

Strength training can be a valuable strategy to improve running performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. That is especially true if you know which exercises create the biggest impact and how to structure your program to see great results.

Have you ever heard the quote, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now?" Well, the best time to incorporate strength training actually is right now! That's because you probably just finished your goal race for the spring and are looking ahead to the next one. Strength training can help re-build a strong and resilient foundation to achieve that much deserved PR.

In this free, learn-by-doing seminar, we will investigate the following:

1. The basics behind programming (sets, repetitions, days per week) and how these factors need to adjust based upon mileage
2. Which lower body and core exercises have the most carryover to running
3. How power development can improve elasticity and running economy
4. Why strength training = injury prevention when structured properly
5. Q&A to get your specific questions answered

Join us on Sunday, May 6th at 11am to learn simple and effective strength training strategies that will truly enhance your running. 
**Note: This is a learn-by-doing seminar. That means we will actually practice these strategies together so you can better grasp the content. Please dress in athletic clothing and be prepared for some light movement.
Please contact Garrett McLaughlin with any questions or concerns: 
(734) 604-4197 or Gmac922@gmail.com
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