Learn-By-Doing Seminar For Runners...
Proven Functional Movement Strategies To Perform On Your Terms!
Seminar Starts In:
What: Improve Your Running with an Effective Pre-Run Routine
When: Sunday, August 18th at 11am
Where: Motiv-8 Fitness (Click here for directions)
Cost: $15

The dynamic warm-up is one of the most important strategies to see better results with you running. Without it, you are left feeling sluggish for the first few miles of your run and lack the preparation to really thrive.

I hear runners say all the time...

"I don't have time to warm-up!" or "I'm really not sure what I should be doing so I walk for a few minutes then pick up my speed."

Instead of neglecting the dynamic warm-up, let me show you how to create an efficient and effective pre-run routine that is quick and impactful. You'll be left wondering why you didn't do this sooner!

In this learn-by-doing seminar, we will cover the following:

1. The demands of running and why the dynamic warm-up matters
2. How to structure your pre-run routine to see results in the shortest time possible
3. The most impactful drills that carryover to more efficient running
4. Where runners typically go wrong and how it negatively impacts their running
5. Q&A to get your specific questions answered

Join us on Sunday, August 18th at 11am to learn simple and effective dynamic warm-up strategies to impact your running. This seminar is limited to 10 local runners, so make sure you reserve your spot early.
**Note: This is a learn-by-doing seminar. That means we will actually practice these strategies together so you can better grasp the content. Please dress in athletic clothing and be prepared for some light movement.
Please contact Garrett McLaughlin with any questions or concerns: 
(734) 604-4197 or Gmac922@gmail.com
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