Learn-By-Doing Seminar For Runners...
Proven Functional Movement Strategies To Perform On Your Terms!
Seminar Starts In:
What: How to More Reliably Improve Flexibility Without Wasting Time Static Stretching
When: Sunday, June 24th at 11am
Where: Optimum 650 Personal Training Studio (Click here to view map)
Cost: $15

Flexibility is important for runners. But, is static stretching the best strategy to get you the results you are working for? 

Oftentimes runners settle for static stretching because it's easy to perform, what they have been doing their entire life, and they might not know any other way... Until now!

As the research continues to develop over the years, we are learning that there are better ways to improve flexibility than static stretching. I use these specific strategies with my runners on a daily basis to see faster and more lasting results in terms of range of motion, injury prevention, and performance.

In this learn-by-doing seminar, we will investigate the updated evidence on flexibility and joint range of motion. This includes:
  • The effect of static stretching on the body
  • Tightness vs. stiffness- What are we actually trying to accomplish?
  • Joint stability and it's impact on flexibility
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and the body's response to stress
  • How to improve flexibility with full range of motion movement
  • And, much more...
Join us on Sunday, June 24th at 11am to learn simple and effective strategies that will truly enhance your running. Sign-up today to reserve your spot! This seminar is limited to 15 people, so make sure you act fast.
**Note: This is a learn-by-doing seminar. That means we will actually practice these strategies together so you can better grasp the content. Please dress in athletic clothing and be prepared for some light movement.
Please contact Garrett McLaughlin with any questions or concerns: 
(734) 604-4197 or Gmac922@gmail.com
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