Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "Where is your facility located?"
A: I operate out of Motiv8 Fitness which is at 6319 Haggerty Road in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Click here for directions. Please remember that this program is offered in-person AND virtual.

Q: "I do not live near you in Michigan but I'm still very interested in the program. Can I sign-up?"
A: Yes, of course! The Function OVER Fitness program is designed for both local and non-local runners. Fortunately, with the use of technology this has become very easy. The coaching app helps us stay closely connected and I use Zoom to conduct the onboarding process and any additional sessions. Regardless of where you live, the attention you will receive is top notch!

Q: "Are there different sign-up options for the Function OVER Fitness Program so I can make sure it's the best for me?"
A: The program consists of 2 tiers to best fit your needs... 

Basic Tier: Complete the goal setting session, functional movement assessment, and receive a structured strength & injury prevention program with guidance and feedback from me within the coaching app. Also, included within the program are weekly check-ins to accumulate points, additional educational posts within the Facebook group, and the ability to win some cool prizes.

Premium Tier: Complete the goal setting session, functional movement assessment, running analysis, and receive a structured strength & injury prevention program, and running plan along with guidance and feedback from me within the coaching app. This option is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are looking for the best results possible throughout the challenge. That's because it provides more one-on-one attention, feedback, and regular adjustments to your program to fit where you are at. Also, included within the program are weekly check-ins to accumulate points, additional educational posts within the Facebook group, and the ability to win some cool prizes.

Nutrition Add-On: If nutrition is a weak point for you, you are able to add a nutrition consultation with registered dietitian, Jill Merkel, RD, for only $50.

Each of these options are available for local and non-local participants to help get you the best results possible. The only difference is the use of Zoom vs. in-person for the evaluation and onboarding process.

Q: "I might have a few friends who are also interested in joining me. Do you have a referral discount if we all sign-up together?"
A: This program is so much fun with the accountability and motivation from friends! I do have a referral discount that is available to you. Please contact me directly and we can talk about how that works.

Q: "When does the program actually start?"
A: The first day of the program is Monday, July 11th. However, if you complete the onboarding process before then I will create your program and you can get started so we can have more time to work together.

Q: "Is it better to sign-up quickly or will there still be room if I wait a few days?"
A: Registration for this program will close on Wednesday, July 6th at 11:59pm. If you are undecided on whether or not this program is a fit for you then you are more than welcome to wait and/or schedule a call with me so we can discuss more. I cannot guarantee that the program won't fill up so there's always the chance that you miss out.

Q: "The biggest thing I'm concerned about is not getting feedback or staying accountable since the program is mostly virtual. Do other participants do well with this set-up?"
A: Yes, very much actually! Despite there being no in-person sessions outside of your evaluation if you're local, you will be interacting with me on a regular basis. The app sends emails every morning a workout is scheduled and I communicate with all participants multiple times per week. If you have questions on exercises, you can simply upload a video performing the movement for me to review and I usually respond within hours. However, if more attention is required I would highly recommend enrolling in the premium or platinum options. This will allow us to schedule weekly calls and check-ins as needed."

Q: "I am a runner and am also interested in a running analysis. Is this possible?"
A: Yes, if you are a runner and enroll in the premium tier, I am happy to include a running analysis.

The majority of my remote running clients complete a running analysis before we start working together and at different points throughout the process. It's actually very simple... If you have access to a treadmill, I'll give you instructions on how to have a friend or family member record the correct views so I can analyze your running in my slow motion software. 

Don't have access to a treadmill? No worries! I'll give instructions on how to record videos of you running outside that are also easily analyzed within my software. 

Once the videos are recorded, I'll provide you with a link so you can upload them directly to me. From there it usually takes me 30-60 minutes to analyze your running and create still photos as well as a video analysis so everything is clearly explained to you. We usually discuss the findings on a follow-up call so you understand what form adjustments need to be made moving forward.

Q: "What if I don't have access to equipment to complete the exercises?"
A: Like I mentioned before, and the great thing about this program, everything is 100% individualized. Whether you have access to a gym, full workout room at home, or not a single piece of equipment, the program will be designed to your needs. Of course, equipment is helpful. But it's not needed in anyway to make positive strides towards your health & fitness goals!

Q: "I have been struggling with an injury and I'm curious if this program will help me and what your qualifications are to deal with that?"
A: My background is in athletic training/sports medicine and I have worked in a variety of sports medicine settings before branching out on my own. This includes professional sports, college athletics, high school athletics, and I have also done rotations at the United States Olympic Training Center and Boston Marathon within the medical tent. I hold state licensure and national certification to evaluate and treat orthopedic injuries and specialize specifically in running-related injuries.

In terms of this program, the on-boarding process allows us to complete a consultation, thorough evaluation, and determine if it's the right fit for you. If at any point we decide it's not ideal, I will provide details on other options or set you up with another healthcare provider. The majority of runners I work with approach me currently suffering from an injury or history of injuries and we work to address that within the individualized program.

Q: "Will I also receive a running plan?"
A: It depends. The premium tier is designed to include a running analysis and running plan. A running plan is NOT included with the basic tier.

Q: "Due to work and family life, there may be a few small trips that could interfere with this program. Is that okay?"
A: Yes, that is certainly fine. When having the phone consultation this is something you can tell me about and I will make the necessary adjustments to your program. This could mean moving workouts around to fit your travel schedule or changing the program to be completely bodyweight on specific travel days. Like I mentioned, this will be 100% individualized to your needs. I do, however, expect you to complete the exercises as assigned so it's fair to the other participants and you still get your weekly points.

Q: "What does the 1st place winner receive?"
A: Well, when YOU win you will receive a check for the full price of the program, as well as a $150 Amazon gift card. Plain and simple, your participation in the 6-week program ends up being completely FREE and I give you a gift card for plenty of Amazon purchases.

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